The Story

Wingguard is a new innovative product that is designed to save plane owners from dealing with major repair costs coined as “hanger rash”. The new product is quickly attached to all ends of a plane and becomes a monitoring system that helps towers from getting too close to surrounding objects.

This is revolutionary for the private plane sector, and the founders wanted to make sure their site hyped up the product launch for those in the industry. They came to BASIX to make it happen.

Built out a custom design utilizing their beautiful high end photography to bring the product to life. Used a modern twist to correspond technical product details in an easy to comprehend manner.

Setup and filled a customized product photo gallery that allows users to browse high resolution photos of the product in action. Compressed files to maximize speed without sacrificing image quality.

Setup and integrated a customized form solution and configured email routing rules to ensure secure delivery. Configured and integrated social media networks for engaging their audience network.

Polished up the site with extensive search engine optimization best practices, file and speed compression tactics, and analytics integration for website and traffic monitoring.