Tetra Therapeutics

The Story

Tetra Therapeutics is a cutting edge pharmaceutical company that is leading the way in innovative treatments for Fragile X Syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. They use the most advance medical technology to treat cognitive impairment.

The science behind what they do is cutting edge and the impact they make in families is powerful. They wanted their website to showcase that, while catering to the technical lingo for the scientific community. They came to BASIX to strategize their website and marketing game plan.

Built out a custom design that take complicated medical and scientific information and present it in a comprehendible manner for website visitors while trying to showcase their quality of life impact.

Setup a custom Press Release system using blog functionality in WordPress to help their executive team disperse important investor communications in the form of online articles.

Configured customized contact forms to promote and collect potential participants in clinical trials for their ongoing treatment research. Setup conditional notifications for email routing.

Polished up the site with extensive search engine optimization best practices, file and speed compression tactics, and analytics integration for website and traffic monitoring.