Why Your Blog Articles Are Worthless

“Content is King” says the broken record. The part most businesses are missing is what type of content is actually king. Too many businesses are writing content that no one really cares about. It’s wasting your time and resources building out content that doesn’t get you anywhere. Common blog article topic mistakes include: sales, promotions, products, services, corporate news, etc. This is all boring, and it’s not driving anybody to your site or providing them any value.

So the question remains: What type of content actually works? The answer lies in the questions your customers (or potential customers) are asking. Let’s go back to the bicycle shop example to put this into context.

Here’s an example of a blog article that won’t do you any good:

New Bike Models In Stock Now!

Couple of notes on this. Since you are a bike shop, everyone already knows that you carry bikes. So, this isn’t news. You’re not going to rank in search engines for this topic, and it doesn’t provide a reader with any value.

Let’s look at a topic that might work:

How To Repair a Flat Tire On Your Bike

That’s a little better. Here’s why:

People are actually going to find value in this. They are going to search for this and use it to make their life better. The content is going to help them solve a problem. By pushing this out there, you position yourself as an industry expert. Anytime they think of bicycle tire repair, they will remember you. Plus, if they need supplies, tools, or advice to complete the job, guess who they’re gonna call?

Let’s look at some more examples of bad article topics versus good article topics.

Worthless TopicsValuable Topics
10% Off Bikes For Labor Day Weekend!8 Biking Trails to Try This Labor Day Weekend
We Now Fix Schwinn BicyclesHow To Fix a Schwinn Bicycle Brake System
Our Employee Lost 10lbs Biking12 Unique Bicycling Health Benefits
New Bike Helmets in Stock10 Supplies You Need for a Long Bicycle Trip
Why Our Mountain Bikes Our BestTop 5 Factors in a Quality Mountain Bike
Join Us For Our 2019 Biking Race2019 Bike Races You Won’t Want To Miss

Do you see the pattern? Good topics provide value. Bad topics do not. At the end of the day, the purpose of writing a blog article is to:

  • Provide value to your reader
  • Rank higher in search for long-tailed keywords
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Position yourself as an industry expert
  • Answer users questions


There’s an easy way to come up with a lot of topics really quickly just by looking at what your customers are asking. AnswerThePublic.com lets you type in your primary keyword and it kicks back a list of common questions that people are searching related to that keyword.

Here’s what we got when we typed in “bicycle repair”.

You can use this tool to type in all sorts of related keywords in your industry to come up with a huge list of topic ideas. Build up your list of topic ideas and rank them in order of relevancy or even in frequency on how often someone asks you those questions. By using this type of data to drive your content strategy, you’re going to see a lot more success and engagement with the content that you produce.

All of these things will turn into driving more business which will make your time creating content worth while. You won’t see the results right away, but over time, you will stand out from your competitors as the authority in the industry, especially if you pair your content with strategic digital marketing efforts.

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