The ultimate way to measure success of your website is to understand how well it’s converting customers. After all, the primary purpose for most websites is to drive revenue, regardless if that’s selling online or trying to get customers to contact you for a service. The good news is that there’s a tool you can add to your site that will greatly increase your sites ability to convert website visitors, regardless of your website goals.

You guessed it… live chat.

An instant messaging platform on your site that gives your users an immediate ability to contact you with questions or to get more information. Live chat opens up a direct path of communication for all users that land on your site. The level of effort it takes for a user to initiate a chat is so small that it entices them to start engaging with you as soon as they have a question. They no longer need to email you and wait for a response or pick up a phone and sift through a phone tree hoping to get connected to a human.

Live chat is going to do a few amazing things for your site.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Think about it… what do you do on a website when you can’t find the information you’re looking for? You leave. You’re not going to waste your time on a page that doesn’t have what you need. You can just hit that back button and click the next search result.

But you can save the day by being available via a live chat. Instead of bouncing, you might hit that chat icon to quickly see if someone can give a helping hand.

A recent client was seeing an average of 43% of their users bounce when hitting their site. But users that engaged in their live chat bounced at only a rate of 15.64%. Amazing right?

Increase Session Duration

Since those users are no longer bouncing, you’re going to see them stay on your site longer. This means they are being exposed to more information about your brand, your products, and your services. They are surfing more pages and retaining more information about you. The longer they are on you site, the more likely they are to remember what you do.

The same client was seeing their average session duration hover around the 3:08 mark. But the sessions that engaged with their live chat where staying on their site for 11:02.

Increase Session Duration

Less users are bouncing because they’re engaging and getting the answers they need. They’re staying on the site longer and learning more about you, your product, and your service. So guess what? More users are becoming customers.

The same client was seeing an average of 1.53% conversion rate on their eCommerce site. However, users that engaged with them via live chat converted at an amazing 9.18%.

Adding chat to your website has never been easier. There are programs out there that are very inexpensive to use and the implementation is simple and straight forward. Once you get chat on your site, it’s now up to you to turn those users into customers. Being online, available, and responsive on your live chat will help you achieve some amazing results with your website.

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