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To be successful in marketing your business online, you’re likely going to find yourself using some tools that help you get the job done. Now the tools you select are likely going to be dependent upon the marketing tactic you are trying to implement, the vertical your business is in, and the target audience you’re going after. Below, we’ve outlined a few of our favorites that can really set you up for success when utilized correctly and strategically.
When linked up with your Google Analytics account, Tag Manager becomes a powerhouse in enabling you to really start understanding your website visitor behavior. This platform gives you the ability to quickly and easily start tracking what users are going on your website in granular details. Tracking different valuable events on your site helps you gain insight to what inbound channels are giving you the best result. Once you have a better understanding of the sources that are driving the most value, you can strategize your marketing tactics to chase more of those results. A fancy term for this is “data driven marketing”.
This is an SEO tool, a really good one. You can get all sorts of really important insights on your website’s performance. Keyword ranking tracking and backlinks are huge tools in this platform. You also can spy on competitors and see what they are doing to achieve their rankings. Or as Ausin Kleon would say, “Steal Like an Artist”.
This is another SEO tool, but it’s also used to check the URL health on your website. First, you can check on all of your website’s page statuses to make sure they are not giving out 404 errors or anything else wonky. Next, you can check all of your pages meta tags are filled in and optimized. It’s a good way to audit your website to make sure some important technical pieces are in place. Feel free to scrape competitor sites as well to see what kind of meta tags they are using. Great tool for digital marketers.
This is a great conversion optimization tool. It creates heatmaps of user behavior on your website. This way, you can see where people are scrolling to, where people are clicking, and more. You can use this tool to experiment with page layouts and designs to see how your user base responds. The more you learn, the better you can optimize your site for generating the results that you want. 
This is another great conversion optimization tool. It’s a simple way to A/B test changes to your website so you can learn about how users are engaging and what elements help drive more conversions. You can setup testing periods with different page variations and even make the page changes to test right inside the tool, no coding required.
As the saying goes, content is king, and Feedly is one of the best tools out there to curate content together from blogs all across the web. You can setup different topic channels and subscribe to feeds from nearly any site. This gives you a fresh set of continuous content. This is important because you’ll be able to use this content to share across your social media platforms. By doing so, you’re establishing that you are on the cutting edge of what’s going on in your industry. This is great (non-branded) content to push out to your following, which gives your audience something fresh other than you pushing your own content down their throats. Not to mention, you can really gain some inspiration from the content you curate. Easy way to get some ideas to generate your own content, again, setting up to be an expert in your industry.
There are endless tools out there that can support digital marketing efforts. It’s all about finding the right ones that work well for you and your strategies. The important piece is to make sure you’re out there doing something to help gain traffic, build awareness, and grow your business. What tools are you using?

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