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Our team worked with this national eCommerce retailer to build out a more robust social media advertising strategy. We worked with them on streamlining campaign structure, audience testing, and ad creative best practices to maximize their ROI and decrease their CPA.

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Solution #1

Facebook Ads

The first step was to completely overhaul the campaign and audience organization within their ads manager. This restructure set us up for algorithm optimization and heavy A/B testing.

Then we worked with their team on building out stunning creative using best practices to use in our A/B testing. We served these ads across a variety of audiences to test and learn what would drive the best ROI.

Solution #2

Instagram Ads

Next, we pushed out the campaigns to Instagram and optimize the creative for showing up on the more visual platform. We performed more placement and audience testing to further optimize results on the additional platform.

Solution #3


To capitalize on their audience, we built out robust retargeting audiences based on website visitors, abandon carts, and social engagers to nurture them through their sales funnel.

We also used lead generation ads to capture engaged users as leads and incorporated their email marketing automation to further nurture their audience.

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