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Little Words Project

Little Words Project is a national eCommerce retailer specializing in unique and custom jewelry with positive messaging. With ambitious growth goals, we engaged to help strategize and execute a robust scaling effort for their social media advertising campaigns.

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Solution #1

Campaign Restructure

Our first step was to reorganize the overall campaign structures to better optimize for the algorithm bidding strategies within Facebook. This set us up to maximize efficiency with our bidding as well as open ourselves up for better audience testing and scalability.

Solution #2

Creative Best Practices

Next, we analyzed their previous campaigns and built out a robust creative optimization plan to direct future campaign development. We reviewed historical ad creative to identify styles that drove the best engagement and performance. From there, we refreshed all creative in all campaigns leaning into the best formats and visual pieces to optimize for ROI.

Solution #3

Audience Testing

With a proper campaign structure and best creative options in place, we started testing out several audiences using interest-based groups, target demographics, affinity audiences, look-a-like audiences, and more. As we rolled out new campaigns, we continually optimized for audiences that drove the best results.

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