How To Grow Your Nonprofit with Google Grants

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If your nonprofit organization is looking for a great way to grow, there is a solution out there that is being heavily underutilized. That is the Google Grants program. When the term “grant’ is thrown around, there can be some hesitation because of all the red tape that typically comes with in. The heavy documentation, the long wait periods, and no guarantee you’ll get accepted. The Google Grants program is the exception. It’s easy to get in and the impact can be powerful. Google Grants offers nonprofit organizations $10,000 of free advertising credit on Google Ads, PER MONTH. That’s right. Every single month your nonprofit can have $10,000 worth of Google Ads for free. If you’re not familiar with Google Ads, here’s a quick rundown.
Google Ads is a platform that allows you to display ads within Google Search. So when people are on Google (which they are all the time) searching for something specific, you can have an ad for your organization popup at the top of the search result. For example, let’s say someone in your area searched for “volunteer opportunities near me”. Wouldn’t it be great if your nonprofit organization came up first so you can try and get more volunteers? Normal businesses have to pay for that ad. With the Google Grants program, your organization can serve that ad for free. Pretty great, right? Google offers this grant to nonprofits as their way of supporting great causes, like yours. Most nonprofits are not even aware that it exists and don’t understand the impact it can have on your organization. $10,000 of Google Ads can go a really long way. Here are some of the great ways you can utilize Google Ads to help grow your nonprofit organization.

1. Raise Money

You’ll be able to run ads targeting potential donors and helping raise money for specific causes or events.

2. Grow Your Email List

Get people interested in your newsletters and email list so you can grow your follower base and keep more people in the know.

3. Grow Your Team

Find people looking for work and help build the strongest team for your organization.

4. Increase Volunteer-ship

Get more people involved by increasing volunteer-ship for your events and organization.

5. Increase Event Participation

Advertise specific events to increase participation and spread the awareness about the good you’re doing for the community.

The question is, what can your organization do with $10,000 of free advertising? If you want to find out, let us know and our team can help get you qualified for the program and strategize the best way to use your new Google advertising budget.

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