Measuring your businesses performance is a staple for figuring out how you are doing and how to improve. But not everyone understands how to properly make their website apart of that equation. I’m not talking about website sessions or hits. Traffic on the website is great, but that’s not what turns into business growth. We need to measure items on your website that are bringing you business. There are multiple KPIs we could track for this, and really that will depend on your business model. Whatever vertical you are in, you’ll want to measure the metrics that end up growing your business. By having a solid understanding of those metrics and measuring them, you can use that data to make decisions on how to grow that number. Web analytics have come a long way. The tools have gotten better and smarter, which allows us to take a wholistic view of your website visitors actions and understand what activities are driving the online activities that you want. When we can learn about our visitor’s behavior, we can make adjustments to our strategy to drive more behavior that becomes beneficial to business growth. Let’s look at some common performance metrics we can measure in order to really gauge how you website is helping you achieve your business goals and growing your business.

Form Submissions

Are people reaching out to you? Are they submitting forms to ask questions or get more information? It’s obvious to throw a form on your contact page, but some people don’t have one and they are missing out big time. Really you should have forms on every major landing page as a call to action. Give your users the ability to engage with you.

Getting Directions

How many times are people trying to get directions to you? Is your website driving your foot traffic to your physical location? We can track how many times someone clicks on your address to get driving directions so you can see what activities are helping drive your foot traffic.

PDF Downloads

If you have important information online in the form of a PDF, is it being downloaded? Are people printing it off? Tracking these activities will help you understand if people are finding these files and but also finding it useful.

Time on Site

How long are users hanging around on your site? If users are leaving in just a few seconds, they probably did not find what they are looking for and adjustments should be made to the channel that drove them there in the first place. If they are spending a lot of time on your site, hitting multiple pages, then you know that’s high quality traffic coming to your site.

Phone Calls

Are people calling you? Are they clicking on your phone number or punching your number into their phones to speak to someone? We can track how many times someone clicks on your phone number. There are also ways to track phone calls when people dial it on their phones without clicking. Tracking all your phone calls will give you visibility on what activities are driving those users to reach out to you so you can make better decisions on your marketing efforts.


This is not form submissions, but instead when people click on your email and it opens in their own email client. Giving your users multiple ways to get in touch will increase the likelihood that they will.

Add To Cart

If you’re selling your stuff online, are people adding it to their shopping cart? Even if they don’t complete their purchase, adding it to a shopping cart is a good sign. This means there is some intent and interest that exist, and the traffic you are driving is high quality.

Bounce Rates

Are people engaging with your site or are they leaving right away? If a user bounces, that’s because they didn’t engage with your site. They came and left without taking any action at all. Monitoring your bounce rates will help understand where good quality traffic comes from and where poor quality traffic is coming from.

Those are just some examples, but you can track pretty much any activity that takes place on your site. Once you identify the website actions that are valuable to you, tracking can be implemented to help understand what is going on. This data will help you see what channels and activities are driving valuable actions on your site. From there, you can do more of those activities that are driving more business.

Data driven marketing at its finest.

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