Your Community Dental

Success Story

Your Community Dental is a local dental office that focuses on traditional dental cleanings,  hygiene services, and other dental services for a large local community. As their practice was expanding, they wanted to build a marketing program that helped them draw in more patients and keep their schedules full.

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About The Brand

Your Community Dental strides to provide comprehensive dental care services that are safe, comfortable, effective, and affordable. Using the most advanced dental technology and techniques available, our team is dedicated to providing you with beautiful healthy teeth that you can’t help but showcase with a confident smile.

The Challenge

Drive more patient acquisition in the local market through digital marketing activities without increasing advertising spend or budget.

Solution #1

Social Media Advertising

From the get go, we launched a robust social media marketing program that allowed them to take a limited budget and push their brand in front of a large local audience for building up brand recognition in the community.

We integrated conversion tracking to optimize around lead generation on the website along with call tracking software for complete transparency.

Solution #2

Google Paid Search

To capture those already looking for dental services, we build out several general dentistry campaigns and emergency dental campaigns to make sure they were showing up at the top of the local results. By getting in front of people already looking for dental care, we were able to greatly increase their patient acquistion rates.

Solution #3

Search Optimization

To help drive organic growth, we helped them climb the rankings by implementing several on-page tactics for local SEO growth. First we ran a detailed website audit to find any technical issues with the site and made corrections accordingly.

Next we performed heavy keyword research for local searches and built the high performing search terms into their content to help drive organic authority in search results.

The results speak for themselves.

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