West Michigan Sprinkling

Success Story

Being a local business, West Michigan Sprinkling needed a strong local presence to help their customers do business with them online and to streamline their workflows to create better efficiencies for their organization.

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About The Brand

West Michigan Sprinkling is a powerhouse for underground sprinkling systems across the greater Grand Rapids area. They work with both homeowners, builders, and businesses to provide top-notch underground irrigation systems.

The Challenge

West Michigan Sprinkling needed to ramp up their local presence while also streamlining internal workflows using technology to gain better efficiencies.

Solution #1

Website Design

The first step with West Michigan Sprinkling was revamping their website to provide a more modern experience. We updated their online identity by completely refreshing their website and optimizing it for mobile devices. This allowed users to easily engage with them online while on the move.

We revisited their service offerings and help them build online funnels to push customers into requesting quotes.

Solution #2

Search Optimization

To help them establish a stronger local brand, we focused heavily on optimizing their business for rankings in search engines. This has helped them drive more organic impressions and clicks than ever before. The brand recognition has therefore increased creating a “house hold name” for local irrigation companies.

Solution #3

Online Scheduling

To help drive more conversions and create internal workflow efficiencies, we helped identify and implement online scheduling tools which allows their website visitors to book appointments directly on their website.

The online booking feature dynamically looks at the customers address and the existing schedule for the field team to help streamline and optimize the appointment routes. This has prevented scheduling appointments for service team members on the opposite side of town from their already scheduled jobs. The results have seen greater scheduling efficiencies, lower drive times, savings on gas and miles, and more.

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