Turf & Industrial Equipment

Success Story

Turf & Industrial Equipment is a premium supplier of John Deere and Club Car equipment in their local region. With a strong grasp on the John Deere market share, they wanted to focus on building out their Club Car retail business by building out a robust digital strategy.

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About The Brand

Turf and Industrial Equipment Company in Santa Clara, California has been offering quality products and services since 1968 [for over 50 years] – and is still going strong!

Whether residential or commercial turf and lawn maintenance, utility vehicles, synthetic turf maintenance or vineyard supplies and equipment, Turf and Industrial is your one-stop-shop for new and used equipment, specialized turf rental equipment, golf cart rentals, quality parts and of course our excellent service center.

The Challenge

Build a stronger presence for the retail Club Car Golf Cart business in the local market.

Solution #1

Google Ads

The first step was to completely capture golf cart customers that were already on the market for a golf cart. So we did a deep dive into keyword research that showed us high volume, high purchase intent queries so we could serve ads to those searchers.

We build out several Google Ad campaigns to target those already searching for golf carts in their area. By capturing these searchers, we helped drive significant lead volume for people lower in the funnel.

Solution #2

Facebook Ads

The next step was to build out a robust social strategy that helped fill up the top of the sales funnel by pushing awareness ads in front of those that would be an ideal golf cart customer. We identified several key audiences that might be interested in golf carts and started targeting them with personalized ads.

By tracking conversion data, we were able to optimize around high-intent engagement on their website. This enabled us to drive high quality traffic and drastically increase conversion rates through their social advertising campaigns.

Solution #3

Email Marketing

In order to help nurture the leads as they came in, we setup a robust email automation system that dripped out several emails over time to help push buyers down the sales funnel.

We designed and built out several emails that included valuable content for purchasing consideration and encouraged these leads to further engage. By nurturing these leads, it helped keep potential buyers interested in the product line, it kept their brand top-of-mind, and it kept them engaged for a longer period of time.

Solution #4

SEO + Conversions

To help increase rankings and conversions, we needed to build out more content that was valuable to their potential customers. We started with service and product based pages to help give visitors more information about the offerings available. Then paired that with strong CTAs to help push them into a conversion.

The additional content not only gave potential customers more valuable details, but it also helped Google rank them higher in their search results for valuable keywords in the product category.

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