Sip Shine

Success Story

Sip Shine is a new flavored moonshine that is sweeping the nation. Drink it straight from the can or use it as a primary ingredient in several delicious mixed drinks. 

As a newer alcoholic drink in a saturated market, Sip Shine needed to drive awareness and demand and stand out from the crowd. We partnered with Sip Shine to build campaigns across several social channels, Google, and robust email campaigns to let the world know about this easier sipping shine and take over market share in the alcohol space.

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About The Brand

Sip Shine is a new flavored alcoholic drink made from traditional moonshine. They set out on a mission to create an easier sipping shine with great lakes region inspired sweetness.

The result was a revolutionary moonshine drink that is sweeping the nation. Drink it straight from the can or use it as a primary ingredient in several delicious mixed drinks.

You can now buy Sip Shine online or in retail stores across the country.

The Challenge

Generate massive awareness and demand for the new alcohol drink in a saturated beverage market.

Solution #1

Social Advertising

To start, we needed to drive massive awareness. So naturally we tapped into social media channels to let the public know. We strategized campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and TikTok so we could target their ideal audience and create a huge influx of consumer awareness.

By testing several audiences and objectives across multiple platforms, we were able to optimize the campaigns to not only drive awareness, but drive engagement and online purchases.

Solution #2

Google Ads

As consumer awareness was rising and people started looking for Sip Shine more frequently, we setup branded campaigns for several branded keywords to make sure they showed up at the top of search. 

Plus, we setup remarketing display campaigns for users who were already engaging with the brand. This helped keep the Sip Shine brand front of mind and kept people coming back for more.

Solution #3

Email Marketing

As we generated massive interest for consumers, we started collecting email addresses from website visitors that wanted to be informed of everything going on with the brand and product line. 

We built automated workflow to push new subscribers into their robust email marketing platform. Then we established beautiful email templates so we could connect with their subscribers directly in their inbox.

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