Homestead Timbers

Success Story

Homestead Timbers is the national premium supplier for log home building products. To help grow their business, they wanted to bring it online and transact right on their website. Then they wanted to drive more website traffic as well as online sales. We’ve implemented several tactics that have helped them crush their online goals.

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About The Brand

Homestead Timbers is a national brand that specialized in premium log home building products. They sell their products to both building professionals / contractors as well as homeowners doing DIY upgrades. Not only do they sell the supplies, but they also sell the home building and renovating services. This well rounded set of services has set them up for tremendous success across the country.

The Challenge

Bring their business online so they can transact on their website while also driving more website sessions and online sales.

Solution #1

eCommerce Website

The first step was to completely revamp their website so they can sell online. To save on cost, we setup an online store using Shopify and modifying a pre-existing template to fit their strong existing brand.

On the site, we setup customized functionality to help drive leads for the products they are not able to sell online (like large lumber in various sizes). 

Now Homestead was setup to sell their products online as well as drive leads for larger item purchases as well as custom building services.

Solution #2

Google Ads

To help drive traffic to the site, we strategized and executed several campaigns on Google to capture people online that were already looking for their products and services. We focused heavily on their most popular products.

By doing heavy keyword research and several A/B testing of ad copy and landing pages, we drove significant high quality traffic to their site that converted.

Solution #3

Facebook Ads

To further grow their brand, we also focused on driving awareness and brand recognition through Facebook. We worked with their internal team to build out several tests campaigns on Facebook to find the ideal target audiences with different ad copy and creative that really capitalized on the social network.

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