Design Workshop

Success Story

Design Workshop is a premium workshop that creates high quality customized furniture. Their products are made right here in the United States by hand. They specialize in taking your concept and bringing it to life so you can properly outfit your space.

To help promote their products and services, we built a robust digital program that drove lead generation to their target B2B and B2C audience.

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About The Brand

Design Workshop is a true and told workshop – they work with their hands and build things. The pieces are as unique to a room or to a feeling, as the people utilizing them. Their furniture is always built to order. Create your vision as you see fit, they will build it, and a room will transpire.

The Challenge

Generate lead growth with digital advertising to their target B2B customers while also driving consumer demand for home furnishing options.

Solution #1

Google Ads

To help drive traffic to the site, we strategized and executed several campaigns on Google to capture people online that were already looking for their products and services. We focused heavily on their most popular products.

By doing heavy keyword research and several A/B testing of ad copy and landing pages, we drove significant high quality traffic to their site that converted.

Solution #2

Facebook Ads

To further grow their brand, we also focused on driving awareness and brand recognition through Facebook. We worked with their internal team to build out several tests campaigns on Facebook to find the ideal target audiences with different ad copy and creative that really capitalized on the social network.

Solution #3

Linkedin Ads

To drive B2B lead generation, we setup robust lead focused campaigns targeting their customers on LinkedIn. We offered a free download in exchange for their email address that allowed us to put them into a lead nurturing email campaign for further engagement.

Solution #4

Email Marketing Automation

To help nurture incoming leads, we built out automation series providing valuable content and inspiration for their furniture pieces. This helped automate the lead follow up process without manually intervention, streamlining their lead management process.

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