Technology is always moving, and this is no exception to the online world. Design standards for the web have drastically changed in the last 3-5 years. We’re seeing new strategies that bring website development to a whole new level. It’s hard to keep up sometimes, but it’s important for your business that you don’t get left behind.

Websites are important, and making sure yours is meeting all of today’s standards is how you are going to stand ahead of the competition. When is the last time you re-evaluated your website? Here’s some major obvious signs that you’re long past due a website refresh.

1. It's Not Mobile Friendly

Are you tired of hearing this one yet? It’s not news that mobile devices have taken over the world. If your website is still not mobile responsive, please send for help. You are alienating over half your website visitors if it’s not loading properly on a phone.

2. It Was Built Using Flash

Website using Adobe Flash are shooting themselves in the foot in many ways. For one, it doesn’t load on mobile devices. On devices that it does load on, it’s really slow. The UX is probably really bad, which means you’re customers can’t use it and get to the info they want. That also means you’re probably not getting any value from your site (no leads).

3. It Loads Slowly

We live in a world of instant gratification. If your site is slow, your users are going to leave and go somewhere else where it is not slow. Even Google knows this, and therefore they knock you down search rankings if your site isn’t loading fast enough. They don’t want to serve their users a really slow website, because that’s a bad experience.

Want to see if your website is loading fast enough? Here are a couple tools to try out:

4. It Has Stock Photography

If this guy is on your website, it’s time to reconsider the aesthetics of your site.

Your customers can spot stock photography from a mile a way. Using bad stock photography can make your brand look bush league. Website visitors are making judgement calls on your brand and company based on the information displayed to them online. This is the time to impress them with really good photography to tells your story in the best light possible.

It’s so important, we even wrote an entire article on this one.

Stock photography can be okay in some scenarios, but it’s best to have your own professional photos done.

5. Its Not Getting You Leads

In today’s world, websites are a lot more than just an online brochure. They’ve developed and grown into marketing tools to drive business. Through a good content strategy and UX execution, you can drive customers down the sales funnel. Paired with digital marketing, and you can grow your business substantially.

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