Shopping online has become the norm. There isn’t much you can’t buy online anymore. In fact, over 60% of shopping is now done online. Consumers are expecting to be able to purchase your products, whenever they want, wherever they want. Having an eCommerce website is becoming a necessity, even to brick and mortar companies. If you’re not selling your products online yet, you are missing out big time.

Building an eCommerce website isn’t necessarily cheap and will absolutely take some investment of your time. But it’s worth it. The ROI you can get from a properly executed eCommerce website is enormous. Here are a few of the top reasons why every business should be selling their products online.

1. Reach New Customers Nationally & Even Globally

Customers want to be able to buy stuff whenever they want, wherever they are. The expectation is that their needs and wants can be immediately satisfied. Without an eCommerce presence, you are missing out on boat loads of consumers who are searching for your product and making instantaneous purchasing decisions.

Your website can reach beyond the influence of what your brick and mortar have to offer. Consumers no longer have to travel to your location during your normal business hours to make their purchasing decisions and execute. Instead of your business reaching within a small radius around your physical location, your reach can include your entire country or even the entire world. By building an eCommerce site, you are opening yourself up to an unlimited source of potential customers. Imagine the volume you could achieve by opening up your business to the world.

2. Sell Where Your Customers Are

As stated above, your customers no longer have to travel to your physical location during your normal hours in order to get the products they want. You are giving your customers the power to make those purchasing decisions when and where it’s convenient for them.

Consumers are looking for instant gratification and online shopping is making that possible. Don’t miss out on that opportunity.

3. Keeping Up With Competition

If you’re not selling your products and services online, I’ll bet that your competition is.

There isn’t a thing you can’t purchase online these days, so if you’re not selling online then your consumers will be making those purchases with your competition online instead of you. That’s lost sales every day that you’re not online selling. Consumers start buying from your competition and then become their repeat customers instead of yours.

4. Lower Business Operating Expenses

Starting up a website to sell online can be an expensive venture, but with the right website development partner, you can feel confident that you’ll make that money back quickly. And once you’ve got the ball rolling, you’ll find that it takes a lot less resources to operate an eCommerce channel than it does your brick and mortar store front.

Hosting is a lot less expensive than rent. If you setup drop-shipping agreement with your suppliers than you can really cut cost on inventory on-hand. And with integrated software, no hands need to touch orders in order to process and fulfill them making the system completed automatic. Can you say ‘cha-ching?

5. Further Channel Reach Opportunities

With a good eCommerce site setup, you can look at options to connect your store to alternative channels to continue your reach with your products and brand. Here are a couple channels that have shopping integration for their user base to connect your store with:

Can you imagine, not only selling your products on your own website, but integrating these other channels putting your products in front of thousands and thousands of other users already browsing for products? The possibilities are endless.

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