The world moves fast and technology has expedited how quickly things are moving. Tech has greatly changed the marketing landscape over the last decade and even just over the last several years. As things change, customers adapt and their expectations that companies are keeping up to make them happy. We pulled together some marketing trends you really can’t ignore anymore. If you want to excel in today’s environment, it’s time to start taking on these marketing tactics.

1. Consumer Generated Content

Customers respond best to other customers content because they have a lot more trust in their actual experience than they do in whatever fancy marketing lingo you can come up with. Think about your own friends and family when they talk about a product. It’s much more believable hearing it from them than seeing an ad. Tapping into your customer base for content will exponentially increase the level of trust that new potential customers will have in your brand. Consider strategies on how to entice your existing customers to generate content, and figure out how to collect the content they create. Then you can use this content to build major trust that didn’t exist before.

2. Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing use to mean connecting with a celebrity or a household name to endorse your products or services. These endorsements became popular because it paired high value names to your brand which allowed you to tap into huge audiences. This of course came with large price tags. Today, the internet has empowered everyone to not only have an opinion, but to voice it. With the rise of micro-influencers, you’re able to tap into smaller, more targeted audience groups for a fraction of the cost. The size of each campaign will be smaller, but you can afford to do a lot more of them. The plus side being these micro-influencers have a much more targeted audience. So instead of writing a huge check and hoping your celebrity hits all the right people, you can actually be specific on who you target with these smaller campaigns. Data shows that the engagement and conversions coming from micro-influencers is a lot higher, making these campaigns more efficient as well.

3. Video Content

The internet has morphed from text, to images, and now to video. Movement captures people’s attention and stops their endless scroll. Engagement is higher and the effectiveness of video becomes ten-fold. It’s easier to consumer which makes users enjoy and engage with video at a much higher rate. There can be some higher barriers to create high quality video content. If equipment isn’t available you’ll have to hire it out which can get pricey. But there are also cost effective ways to make video content without breaking the bank. iPhones have really nice cameras these days. If you pick up some film shooting and editing tricks on YouTube, you can probably in-house your videos fairly quickly. You can even step up your production game with an inexpensive iPhone gimbal and lighting equipment. Inexpensive or even free editing software is available all over the internet and can be simple to use if you pick the right one. Whether you hire it out or do it in-house, you’ll get your return on the investment if you execute the distribution correctly.

4. Personalization

Blasting the same message to everyone you can come in contact with is a thing of the past. Customers want their content personalized for them. If something they see does not relate to them in anyway, there’s a lot less of a chance they’ll take their time to comprehend or interact. Using data to personalize your digital marketing will greatly enhance your engagement rates, click through rates, and overall campaign performance. It’s better to make smaller campaigns at very specific audiences with personalized messaging than it is to use the same message with everyone.

5. Voice Search

Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa are all examples of voice technology that is invading people’s daily lives. The volume of voice enabled technology has skyrocketed in just the last year alone. If you want to be found, you’ll want to make sure your site is optimized for voice search. There are some simple tactics you can deploy that will make sure you’re not being missed in voice search, but it’s something you don’t want to overlook as this sector of user behavior continues to grow. We know that only more devices will be coming out with voice enabled technology, so it’s time to jump on this bandwagon. Being voice optimized could even become a requirement as this technology enables people with disabilities to access a website. There have been multiple cases popping up where users are suing website owners because their site is not readable by e-readers and voice enabled technology. Although the probability of this happening is low, it might be a little extra motivation to make sure your website is optimized correctly.

Technology moves fast and consumers behavior change. Don’t fall behind. Keep your marketing tactics up-to-date so you can connect with your target and grow your business. If you need help, let’s grab a coffee. It’s our speciality.

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